Saturday, December 6, 2008

Simple Meme - from Vulture Peak Muse

A Simple Meme (from Vulture Peak Muse - she was right, I would complete it).

How about that! I was also tagged for this by The Pagan Shpinx!

1. Five names you go by:
A. Steve
B. Steven (some family, old friends from a company that already had two other Steve's when I arrived, so they called me Steven).
C. Virgil Tangelo - my nom de plume on Hamjamser and Flickr.
D. Gus - only in my own head when I want to be something completely different - it's from my confirmation name/saint, Augustine of Hippo, who wrote The City of God and the Confessions.
E. Daddy - possibly the most important one, deliberately saved for last.

2. Three things you are wearing right now:
A. My headphones - I was just painting - and their delivering Caetano Veloso.
B. The beard (now asymmetrically graying) which I have had continuously since I was 18, except for a 6 week period in the 90's.
C. Jeans and Sweatshirt - that's two things, but I didn't want you all to picture me with only the beard and the headphones. Oops.

3. Two things you want very badly at the moment:
A. The economy to be on the rebound already
B. More time for all the things I love to do

4. Three people who will probably fill this out:
This is where I break the chain - I prefer not to pass on memes. But if you like this and want to take it on, please comment and I'll link you afterward.

5. Two things you did last night:
A. Had another holiday blow-up with my Dearest, but this one wasn't so bad, and we ended it well (we usually do). All's well that ends well - that works for me. But I wish we didn't do this.
B. Started painting Ursas Major and Minor.

6. Two things you ate today:
A. A baked chicken recipe I invented today (marinated skinless/boneless thighs, wrapped around long slivers of green bell pepper and onion, set on a slice of portabello mushroom, and baked at 375. Marinade is a combination of Orangina, Pace chunky salsa, garlic, lots of basil, poutry seasoning, salt and fresh ground pepper)
B. A Blue Moon my mother-in-law had in her fridge for me - with a slice of orange on top. Yum.

7. Two people you last talked to on the phone:
A. My Dearest, on their way back from Chicago on stage - telling me I could start dinner (today).
B. One of my colleagues, about a version cut for a critical update going in next week for beta test (yesterday).
A good day for me is one that hasn't got a phone in it. Actually a better day would be one that hadn't had a phone in the prior week. I hate the phone, though I admit I'd hate to live completely without them.

8. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
A. Take a walk with my Dearest - even if it is 42 degrees and blustery.
B. Go driving with daughter (she's at the wheel - still getting experience pre-license).
C. Paint... I know, that's three, but I AM going to do all three.

9. Two longest car rides:
A. Chapel Hill, NC to Santa Fe, New Mexico (almost four days), done with Dearest.
B. Hillsborough, NC to Bar Harbor, Maine - twice recently, for family vacations in September. Gorgeous island.

10. Two of your favorite beverages:
A. Birch Beer as they served it at the Rose and Thistle restaurant in Winston-Salem. It's gone, now, torn down to straighten the infamous "Hawthorn Curve" in I-40.
B. Montepulciano - an Italian red wine, fabulous with a rich red meat sauce on pasta (and in the sauce).


Unknown said...

I'm avoiding writing tonite, so I took the bait and posted this over at my devart account.

L'Adelaide said...

well, the "what are you wearing" one has me wondering if you were really being honest about the sweatshirt and have the beard afterall and your ears ARE warm....

is everyone fighting over christmas? I have decided to cancel ours. and I mean it.

in all, yours, as I thought, was far more interesting than mine... I thank you for taking up the very large line of slack I left hanging in my efforts. ;)

I know there's more I want to say about this but not tonight.

Steve Emery said...

Alex - I'll check it out - I need to look at the other things you've hopefully posted at your site...

Linda - We keep our house at 68 in the winter, so I promise the jeans and sweatshirt are a must. And after 10:00 the thermostat automatically lets the temp drop to 60. The big white comforter in "Winter Dreams" is such a wonderful place to be then. Sans cats, though - no cats upstairs unless they crash the gate, which they do once in a while (it's a contact sport in this house).