Thursday, October 2, 2008


Sent to my Mom and Dad recently. These creatures always remind me of something cut out of a rug scrap, as if their bones don't have anything to do with the shape they ended up. And the disruption pattern of their colors further fractures any sense of animal. So I further conformed the beast to a circle piece of stock/stationery I happened to have.

My parents had to see the ant before they could get what it was, and then they realized it all at once and laughed. That's a pleasing result. Then it turned out that a few days before Mom had been joking about getting a pet anteater, because of an ant problem in their house... What fun (the serendipity, not the infestation).

Ink and Prismacolors - about 6 inches in diameter.


Anonymous said...

I love that! Very Escher-ish, if you don't mind my saying.

(And how well-timed!)

Andrea Elizabeth said...

Forget the old man, it's an anteater on the moon! It took me a few seconds to see it too.

Nicely done. I've been a fan of your work for a while. Thanks for sharing!

tfletcher12 said...

It took Olivia a couple of moments to find him, but she knew exactly who drew him once the image popped into her brain! ha! (And you know I still love Escher, so dcup & I have something in common.)

Steve Emery said...

Ladies - Thanks, all, for the comments. He was fun to draw. More coming (I mailed more to my parents, and drew several more while away from the Internet).