Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mountain Trip - Painting 2

Here is painting number 2 from the vacation (click for larger version). This was a few days before we went to see the big waterfalls at Linville Gorge, something our older two recalled, but our youngest did not remember, but the hike and gorge were probably on my mind when this image emerged. It took me a while to get the values the way I wanted, to create the feeling of haze - I put color on, then lifted it off, then put it back...

We had a good time on the hike. This photo was taken from the other side of the 400 foot gorge, where we got the best views of the falls, the cliffs, and the river running away from it. Going over these falls is usually fatal - they're bigger than they appear here.

In this shot you can compare the painting to the photo (in the Oklahoma book) that I used for some lines to get something happening. What struck me was 90 degrees around (that happens often) and things changed. For instance, the sky at the top of the lake photo ended up being part of a cliff or something in the right hand edge of the painting. And the rocks jutting into the water became larger rocks and small peaks jutting into the sky. Other rocks became trees in the middle ground at the bottom of the little painting, etc.

This was the most traditional image out of the bunch. From here they diverged much more, though some are still inspired by the trip and our surroundings.

The next painting I have the line drawing photographed, as well as the photos that were combined, and the final piece.

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille <<<<
On the trip the family bought a set of French refrigerator poetry magnets. The youngest pointed out to Etienne that, voila, one of the first words on the top of the package, showing through the transparent box was grenouille. As Etienne quotes the Romans, "Mirabile dictu!" We are everywhere.


Steve Emery said...

OK - I'm commenting on my own post.

Frankly I think this is a "nice" little painting - nice and restful - but it makes me yawn.

If I get enough of this kind of reaction to my own work, maybe I can break outta here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe restful isn't all bad, but I think I see what you mean. Lately I'm more drawn by bright colors.

linda said...

well, I saw mist, which is what I thought you were going for? I liked how you showed your image turned both ways, once I figured it out :) So, no, I don't think it makes me yawn! I also like the pottery much.

Odd Chick said...

This helped me a lot as a new artist to see your reference photos and then how you painted the experience of the photo rather than the details, how you painted the feeling, the interesting shapes, the interesting composition with your interpretation of color and design. Amazing work that you must take for granted by now. I love it!

Pagan Sphinx said...

That jar is a magnet?

Steve Emery said...

Pagan - LOL - I didn't think about the photo, just picking it for a general Grenouille image.

DCup, Linda, and Odd Chick - thank you for the kind words about this little painting. I was going for mist (Linda) and I did deliberately go for quieter colors (more grays), so I guess I wasn't aiming for exciting (DCup). I hope some later posts show even more of the process (Odd Chick).