Monday, October 20, 2008

One Word Meme

A la The Pagan Sphinx, who was kind enough to not tag anyone and inclusive enough to invite everyone. 11 one word questions.

1. Clothes - denim pants and jacket. Soft long sleeved shirts and sweaters. A red beret. I don't like shorts or the clothes of summer. I don't like being barefoot (too distracting), so I like socks.

2. Furniture - I can't decorate or pick furniture for appearance. Comfort matters, but I seldom get that right, either. Our bed is my favorite item, and, after nearly 30 years, we finally got it right.

3. Sweet - My dearest, whose smile, voice, touch, and shape are all joys to me. Everything else is a sad failed copy of sweet. But within that sweet is a very sharp mind, with a spicy attitude. Like a chocolate covered red hot.

4. City - I love so many - Small ones, like Winston-Salem, Lynchburg and Charleston to large ones like Boston, San Francisco, London and Paris. They're like people - all different but instantly recognizable. One thing that I retain and recall most about cities is their unique qualities of light. This is particularly true of Paris, Greenville, NC, and San Francisco.

5. Drink - Sometimes only tequilla shots will do. Sometimes a good beer with a friend (thanks, Alex!) Sometimes a really good wine, like a Muscadet (bottled sunshine!) or a good Montepulciano with a red meat sauce. I don't care much for soft drinks, and coffee caffiene makes me weird and unpleasant (for me and for other people).

6. Music - Everything from P!NK to Vivaldi, from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony playing in my head (everyone in this house has an internal soundtrack, and we compare notes - if we don't mind the contagion that results from sharing...) to Cake playing on the PC that sits on my art table (thanks, again, Alex).

7. T.V. Series - None. No regular TV. Hardly any watching of anything, in fact. Cuts off painting. My muse does not like competition.

8. Film - Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro, both by Miyazaki

9. Workout - at lunch at work I like to sit in the break room ALL ALONE and do logic puzzles. Sudoku and fill-ins are favorites. The Sudoku deductive reasoning events feel physical to me, like particular named climbing moves to lever, chimney, and friction climb my way around the walls of a challenging cubical interior. I don't rock climb in the corporeal world...

10. Pastries - Cinnamon rolls. Raisin bread. But more than anything, the yeast sweet rolls found in Italian bakeries in the towns along the Hudson River in NY. The water makes them unique, and they remind me of many happy childhood moments.

11. Coffee - Decaf only - see #5. I drink it unpredictably, and only when out. We don't own a coffeemaker. I will drink it black, with cream, with cream and sugar, and even iced - all without pattern. Sometimes I crave it. It's the most complex food (chemically) that we ingest, and I can easily believe that when drinking it. SO much going on.

Like the Pagan Sphinx, I tag no one, and invite anyone to play along.

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille <<<< I also perform this meme.

Clothes - do not be silly.

Furniture - voila - you have already witnessed my preference for tomatoes.

Sweet - mayflies are perhaps my favorite.

City - Nice before Paris. St. Paul de Vence before Nice.

Drink - Never inside, but it is nice outside. Of moi, I mean.

Music - I am indifferent, quelle dommage. But I hear well beyond the range of Etienne and other humans.

T.VSeries - Qu'est-que c'est?

Film - Marx Bothers. Tous tous droll.

Workout - Qu'est-que c'est? Is this perhaps the commute, when one works outside the home?

Pastries - A variation on baklava, using beetles instead of noisette.

Coffee - but of course, Coffee Frog has already demonstrated this.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading these bits about the writer.

Steve Emery said...

DCup - Me too. I enjoyed Pagan's and MathMan's. Had to do some homework on that Arnold Palmer...

linda said...

fascinating little windows into your life...and of course, San Francisco...

Steve Emery said...

Linda - I've only been to SF for one golden day. It was a whirlwind business tour - but we did get to eat in an authentic place in Chinatown, and the drive up over the bridge to Petaluma was gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll visit for longer, though I was told the weather was unusually beautiful the day I was there, so I doubt I could top that portion of the trip, at least.

Mathman6293 said...

Lately, any city would do.

Steve Emery said...

MathMan - I often think of you, Chicago to the root of every hair, stranded there in rural Georgia. Some kinda exile. And Atlanta ain't a third of Chicago.

Not that I don't love the rural South - I do. I'm not craving the big city - I've never lived in one. I just imagine your cravings.