Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Night Grilling

Rough schedule today - everyone in different directions for events, errands, local roak group's concert, etc. So we didn't get dinner until late. That meant I had to grill in the dark.

The plan was to grill hot dogs. But daughter isn't as keen on these as often as the rest of us are, so I make up patties (spiced, and with onion and garlic, of course) and freeze them so I can pull one out for her when the rest of us have the dogs. And I picked up two portabello tops, one for me, and one for oldest son. And andouille sausage for oldest son and I. More of those long red peppers I wrote about elsewhere (a Costco stray from the list).

I lit the charcoal using my new coal chimney from Weber. I love this thing. Instead of polluting with charcoal lighter fluid, I just burn two pieces of newspaper to light the coals, and they're lit faster, and without that petroleum smell. The coils inside, that hold up the coals above the burning paper, get cherry red before I dump the briquettes out in the grill.

Even though I was just outside the open garage door, it was still too dark to cook by sight. I could see shapes, but not colors. So I cooked by smell, feel, and experience. It was interesting. The coals were bright in the dark, and the camera managed to catch the lovely red glow.

The last preparations were to broil/brown the hot dog buns (we prefer potato bread buns), cut an onion (a few rings for daughter's burger, chopped for the hot dogs) and to chop up some bread and butter pickles for a homemade relish. We ate everything but one hot dog and two of the sausages. The sausages were good, but too spicy for son or I to want more than one.

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille <<<< Etienne, daughter, and I were "hamming it up" as they say in this charming country, and having sport with the camera. Daughter shook her head as we arranged on this plate, which was created by an artist acquaintance. Eh bien, Chef Etienne, but I believe mayonnaise would be a more appropriate sauce, since everyone tells me grenouille tastes like poullette. And ketchup, it is tasty, but tres chic it is not.

Au revoir (never fear, it is not adieu),



okjimm said...

" So I cooked by smell, feel, and experience."

Gees, sounds like the way I drink beer! (which is also a good element in grilling) Andouille and portobellas sound fantastic......!

I think grilled frog could be good too, with just a light marinade.

outdoorgriller said...

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Steve Emery said...

OKJimm - Instinct is best for all the noblest pursuits (such as brewing or sampling the results). And humor is the best sauce - as Grenouille knows better than almost anyone, explaining why he laughed even more than I did at the grilled frog thought.

Outdoorgriller - I will have a look. Always good to have more ideas floating around in my head, waiting for the inspiration to strike.