Friday, October 17, 2008


>>>> Appendix de Grenouille <<<<

How marvelous, and incredible, that such different animaux contain the same types of bones. Le chat is Tamlin, of course, and like the brachiosaurus, and like moi, he has vertebrae connected to hips and shoulder joints, with four limbs and ribs. It is true that the others have tail bones and I have none, but tails, you must agree, would look ridiculous in speedos or any other swimming garb. Perhaps toads can have tails, but grenouilles? Non. And the lack of tail makes us more like humans.

But to return to my thesis, even the limbs are jointed in much the same way. It is true that my femurs are not as grande as tooth picks, while the brachiosaur's were the size of tree trunks... And also it is true the joints of chat Tamlin are barely joined, so he can be sinuous as a snake (and almost as difficult to dose with his medicine), but voila, we all three have elbows, knees, and ankles. Tamlin and the dinosaur, observe closely, also share that they both walk on their toes, while I, more like Etienne, walk on the whole foot.

Tails, toes - from these we perhaps are tempted to suppose that dinosaurs and felines are of similar habits and intelligence, and likewise humans and grenouilles? But, non. Humans are not half as civilized as frogs.

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