Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visiting Tamlin

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille <<<<
Some friends are difficult to visit. You enjoy their company for part of the rendezvous, but the rest is a trial. Or perhaps they are an old friend fallen on misfortune and you visit from the old love or (worse) from pity. Is it a pleasure or an obligation? We should all wish that when we are in such a spot we also have friends who remain with us. Bien entendu, I hope my friends will remain when I am old, I have tremors, I tell the same stories encore et encore, and I pass what reminds of Jurassic swamp gas. Certainly, they will have their problems, as well, and perhaps we will suffer each other together.

Other friends are fun to visit, but there is risk. Such it is with Tamlin. One requires a rescue troupe to intervene and prevent damage. Fortunately I am made of adamant (Etienne, as always with his tous tous charmant Yankee accent, would say, "He's a rock.")

But regardless, Tamlin is tres exciting... and hard to visit.

Au revoir,


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