Friday, December 26, 2008

A Grenouille Cristmas - 7 et fin

Eh, bien, now we begin the second day of Noel, and the quiet week that leads to New Year. At Mother's house I am on the Finnish Christmas season table cloth; perhaps I am the only grenouille ever to sit on the dining room table. Etienne et moi think of these lines running off into the distance behind me, and into the new year. Time and seasons. Oui. Round and round, onward.

And we are wishing you a tres joli 2009. May we all meet here again for Noel.

And Etienne wishes a very special Bon Anniversaire de Mariage to his dear Maman et Papa. 49 years. It is a long time, non? It is a good time, oui? And many more!

Au revoir (but I will perhaps be flapping my wide lips and waving my tres long tongue throughout the year),



Pagan Sphinx said...

Wow. That's wonderful that your parents have been together for 49 years. My parents made it to 47 before my father passed away in 2005. But they will be married until the end of time.

Congratulations to your Mom and Dad!

The Cunning Runt said...

And a Bon Anniversaire to The Rents then, in anticipation of a fruitful new year!