Wednesday, November 19, 2008

7 Album Thing - from DCup

I have to do this, though I can't leave the link at the Album site... And I won't tag anyone, though I hope Moominlight does this one. If she had to pick just 7... It might be fun to watch her struggle. I saw this and was invited over at DCup's Politits.

These aren't in any kind of order.

1. Synchronicity by the Police. I still think this is one of the most consistently interesting and well performed albums I know. I have it in both vinyl (ALBUM) and CD.
2. Say I Am Youby the Weepies. I never get tired of hearing this, and some of the songs still bring tears to my eyes.
3. Concerti Grossi - Opus 8 Antonio Vivaldi (the Red Priest). This is the group of twelve concerti that include the Seasons, which nearly everyone knows. But there are 8 more... and they are all magic.
4. This is really hard... Flyer by Nanci Griffith - the most consistently powerful album of a VERY talented singer songwriter from Texas. A lady with a lot of heart - a tiny thing with a huge voice.
5. Messiah by George F. Handel - it can't be Christmas without it. It was forbidden to play this in our house growing up until Dad had played it on Thanksgiving evening. Then it was OK to play until a few days after Christmas. That started the season, for me.
6. The Green World by Dar Williams - another incredibly talented singer/songwriter. I've been meaning to blog about a couple of her songs...
7. The Sixth Symphony (The Pastoral) by Ludwig Von Beethoven. This has always been my favorite of his symphonies - possibly Beethoven at his most peaceful and contented (not a common thing in that life).


Alex said...

I couldn't imagine trying to pick a favorite genre of music, much less a favorite album or seven.

But I can't resist a challenge so I'll start with these...

Eric Clapton: From the Cradle
Jeff Beck: Group

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you picked this up and I hope MLight does too!

It was so impossible for me to come with the 7 best that I had to pick 7 significant albums.

Your list is really interesting. Now I'm going to have to go listen to some Dar Williams.

Steve Emery said...

Alex - I tried, actually, to think of music I could not imagine living without, now that I had it. That seemed to clarify things. Problem is, the list would probably be different every day...

DCup - I think you would really like Dar Williams, including her lyrics, which are sophisticated, sharp, and liberal. And I don't know anyone else who sings quite like she does.

Alex said...

I just wasted 20 minutes sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of my CD collection trying to pick the seven best albums. It wasn't that I couldn't figure out what I wanted to bring with me to the hypothetical desert isle so much as I couldn't pick anything to leave behind.

Could we make it sevenhundred albums?

Steve Emery said...

Alex! LOL!

Robert Rouse said...

Steve, thanks for participating in the Blogger Album Project.  Your selections have been added to the project along with links back to your blog.  Thanks again, Robert.