Wednesday, November 26, 2008

AEDM 26 - The Elopement

Midnight - After several hours of drawing and redrawing the creatures (sorry, Grenouille, they did not turn out to be frogs). Click for a larger view.

It seemed to me that the veils stood out in the photos.

This is the photo that most influenced the placement of the birds. Nothing literal, just something about the energy of the leaning up and in. I didn't try to capture the laughter - I was looking for something more like dancing.

1:15 AM - I spent another half hour tweaking things - tree limbs, bird faces... Then I decided the left hand bird was moving too fast, and the left hand side of the composition needed to be tied in more - so I moved her wing, and changed her veil. Then she needed some vertical lines removed that had been fine in the lower left before, but now interfered with the movement. THEN I worked at making her face more feminine.

And I may have to fiddle more before I start with the paint... but I'm happier with this composition then the first one.

Keep your fingers crossed. This is what I have to show for AEDM 26.

By golly I just tweaked a veil some more... and then the other (both improved)... gotta go to bed.


tammy vitale said...

so, do you keep this pace when not doing AEM? Your work is getting to be a daily addiction for me - can't wait to see how this turns out! You'r emaking me want to paint (good thing - no, great thing - I just got in 12 36 x 36 canvasses...wheee!)

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to watching this one progress. I was so amazed by the photos at The Elopement. The Dancer and I went through all the albums on afternoon and just oohed and ahhed.

Carol Cooper said...

Enjoying following your progress Steve, thanks for sharing! J'aime la petite grenouille! :o)

Steve Emery said...

Tammy Vitale - I have NOT kept up a pace like this, and without the days off that I've racked up in November I couldn't probably have done it. It would have been slower. I'm looking forward to seeing those canvases turn into paintings!

DCup - Thanks! Yep, I went through the albums last night with my two oldest, and they also ooo'd and aah'd. They're beautiful young ladies and their love is visible in almost every photo.

Carol - Thanks, and you're welcome.

Grenouille said...

Madame Carol - Merci! Pity Etienne did not use a grenouille in the present painting, but perhaps the young ladies do look more like birds than amphibians.