Sunday, November 16, 2008

AEDM16 - Woodpecker Continued

And here's the woodpecker painting one day later (click image for larger view). I guess if I botch this painting now, you'll all get to see it. Usually my failed paintings are quiet affairs, and they maybe get cut up for CD covers... But I think this one will come out all right - I know just enough of what I'm doing that I can see the next steps - so the risk isn't too high on this one. It's when I'm all in the fog and have no idea what to do next that the odds are more like 50-50. The Storm came out of such a fog. So did a piece I painted completely over in white three times to start over, before I finally tore up the paper and gave it over as bad luck. I felt much better with a new sheet - actually that's the sheet this woodpecker painting is on.

I have not had as much time to paint this weekend as I sometimes do... First I had to go to Raleigh for the Jerry's Artarama sponsored North Carolina art show, which has one of the best vendor/exhibitor setups for art supplies. I bought a year's worth of paper, a lot of Lukas paints (I love the exceptionally strong pigments) and some canvases - small ones (12x12 and 10x10). I saved over $250.00 buying the supplies at that event. The canvases will help me keep up with AED even after AEDM is over, and let me experiment more with acrylics. I have a painting in progress, but it has such a lot of drawing to go before the next stage, that I'm not getting much traction on it.

When I got back from the sale I did a few hours of gardening with my dearest - lots of things to cut back and plants to put in for the winter. She puts in a lot of pansies every fall. We had crazy weather today, with roaring clouds, spotty showers, and glorious beautiful sunny patches after four days of gloom. So it was great to be outside, and the best thing was to be doing it with her.

Then I went riding while daughter practiced driving and she and I grocery shopped at Trader Joe's.

Then I did get to do about an hour of painting, before going downstairs again to make crostinis with the help of youngest son. He arranges all the little slices of bread and helps to separate and place all the prosciutto and mozarella before I place (on some) tomato, portabello, and (only on mine) olives.

Then we all watched Ocean's 13, which we have to agree really was almost as good as Ocean's 11.

It was a good day - one of those that feel like two or three days instead of one. Put several of those in a three day weekend and I go back to work feeling almost like I've been off for a week...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday. Your dearest, your children, painting and a movie. Really - that is like several days packed into one.

I love how the painting is progressing and I'm glad you are sharing the process with us.

Helen said...

Yes, it's interesting to see how different artists work. There's always something to learn. Love the bluebird.

tammy vitale said...

Hi Steve - noted that you like Leah's comment too over at AEM (isn't she grand to host this?!) so came over to visit (so not used to seeing guys over there...)..Wow! What a terrific space. I don't know which to love most: your sock puppet, your (AMAZING) painting in progress, or the day you just spent (i'm in So Md - we had a day very much like that, only we got tornado watches too - none appeared, thank goodness!).

Mathman6293 said...

The Woodpecker reminds of a hawk that Dcup and I tried to photograph yesterday on the way home. Un-captured by the camera but vivid in our minds.

Steve Emery said...

DCup - it was pretty fantastic. And the painting is now probably done... I'll post it tomorrow. Next painting showed up while making lunch. AEDM is working for me.

Helen - Thanks - and I like to see how others get their images, too.

Tammy Vitale - It IS grand of Leah to host this. And I'll come check your space out in a few minutes.

MathMan - Your hawk does sound very much like the woodpecker was for me - an image in mind that wouldn't go away. That's one source of paintings.

linda said...

Hi steve...sounds like a lovely day...I am always feeling so late when I finally get around to posting and going around, seeing everyone else's post for AEDM, which I am enjoying immensely.

I like the woodpecker and am intrigued by that yellow-lime green area you have painted in front of the wing...very interested to see where that's going!

thank you for all your lovely and helpful comments, too.

Carol Cooper said...

Thank you kindly Steve for sharing your work in progress, your painting is coming along beautifully, it's all in the colours for me!! and it's a real priviledge to be able to see as your work progresses. Sounds like you enjoyed a "comfortable" weekend. :o)

Rowena said...

What a great day! And this risk of painting and messing up is certainly exposed in this AEDM challenge.

Unless you give up on a piece and whip something else up and show that instead. I did that the other day.

redchair said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful and I know the feeling.

I really like your Woodpecker. Very intense detail. I'm anxious to see it complete.

Miz Annie said...


Alex said...

I would like to comment on the joy of watching one of your paintings emerge and the way the Woodpecker is pulling my heart out of my chest as it soars on the page but I don't think I can get to that while I'm still stunned by yesterday's shocking revelation.

I was thinking about how a painting or a drawing can be shared during it's construction and how all of us who follow your blog can feel like we are a part of this work by the simple fact of watching it emerge. (even if we contribute nothing to the process)

I think the medium is unique in that. The written word doesn't lend itself to that kind of communal response.

Leah said...

i *love* those wings!!! gorgeous!

what kind of paper do you use, steve?

Steve Emery said...

Linda - Of course by now you can see what that shape is (I hope).

Carol - You're welcome. I've been enjoying your blog, as well.

Rowena - The Storm was just sold, and it was one of those re-worked failed pieces, initially. I've been admiring your work, as well. They're almost like archetypes, like the ideas that are used on Tarot. Nox, The Superhero, The Diver, La Maestra, etc. I really like them.

Vikki - I'm looking forward to your comments on the finished piece.

Miz Annie - Thanks!

Alex - So are you still stunned that you didn't have that Cake album??? And thanks VERY much for the very generous thoughts about my work and process.

Leah - Thanks, and I use Arches 140 lb Hot Press, Satine, Brilliant. It's just smooth and white enough for me (the natural white wasn't bright enough for my images). I've been in love with this paper for decades now (and the company has been making papers since 1492!) - I've tried others but don't enjoy them as much. It takes a beating and stays smooth, and I can place color and lift it again better than I can on cold press. I just bought 50 sheets - normally they retail for $8 apiece, but I got these at that sale for just $3.40 each. I try to make that sale every year.