Saturday, November 8, 2008


If you haven't visited our oldest's special place, Hamjamser, then you have a lot of reading to do to catch up. Nigel Tangelo is the primary author (in November of each year he posts every day), writing a travel log of that strange world, where maps are not possible. Virgil Tangelo (his dad) has written a few posts, as well, but his travelling days are over, and he spends his days on his mountain - the one he bought and had moved to near his village of Glee Fiddler's Onion.

If you want a taste of Nigel's Hamjamser, before perhaps taking a longer read, try the post about the Salamander Lantern, the Hunting of the Grunk, and Beauty and the Beast or the longer, but fascinating post, about Cormilack.

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L'Adelaide said...

Wow, Steve, this really boggled me as I read it and wondered how Nigel ever wrote it! The Tangelo's have quite an imagination and flare for the written word not to mention adventures....

Steve Emery said...

Linda - I am also in awe of the things that come out of my son's head. He's been dreaming this place for years, and draws every day, in little notebooks that he has with him constantly. He just applied to the School of Design at NCSU, for next fall.

We worked together on the name of Hamjamser - on one of our mountain trips, several years ago. I think it was his name - we came up with hundreds of possible ones. Virgil's home town of Glee Fiddler's Onion was another that came from that collaboration.