Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Left Brain - He Won't Stay Fired

So I fired this guy when I painted over the mess (which led to the little lion painting).

This time I think the need to incorporate certain things into the Horta Harbor idea allowed the bean counting left brain to get the upper hand. So this is what I drew that evening, and then I grimaced, laughed, and shoved it under my workbench for later. I'll come back to the Horta idea, but not now.

Later was today, when I decided to paint it blue first (see paint squirt already in place). Then I added ivory and "kadmium" orange. I'm trying an experiment based on a little essay a friend shared with me - about painting while recalling painful experiences - to learn to express more than just the beautiful or the acceptable sentiments. I'll acknowledge I'm possibly repressed in that area.

I don't promise to post the result of this experiment, but I thought the start might be interesting to somebody out there. And I just had to let everyone know the left brain didn't stay fired. He never does.


linda said...

I am moved by this easy with yourself...

Steve Emery said...

Linda - It's all in fun. I make so much of my living with a combination of left and right, and the left has to run the website... But when I paint or draw, if it shows up and says things like, "Now we draw a nose in the middle," or "Make sure the wings are all the same size..." it's just a mess. Seeing ain't done with the mouth, and the left runs his mouth all the time. Fortunately, music usually ties him up and I can work. Hence almost always painting with headphones on. It's also a great signal for family that I'm occupied, and they are good about giving me room then.