Sunday, November 23, 2008

AEDM 23 - Cats and Lion

I love weekends for many reasons. One is that I can get more concentrated time to draw or paint, and that makes a difference. This drawing, for instance, which doesn't look like much, and might be hard to see (click to see it larger), is the prep for the cat sunshine painting. It took two sessions over almost three hours. It's only 19 x 19, but it took so long because I had to edit the rumples in the couch cover so they wouldn't distract too much from the cats, and I had to draw the cats over and over until I had their faces correct. I didn't want any old cats, I wanted ours. Tamlin had to be done over four times before I felt I had something close enough to try the paint.

Then I was out of time - and not ready to start the painting itself. But something did emerge on the green ground... I'll continue to play with this later. This (about 7 x 10 inches) and the drawing are my Art Every Day for today AEDM 23.

Tonight we watched Amadeus. Our two oldest had been to see it, with Dearest, at the Playmakers Repertory Company at UNC Chapel Hill, and loved it. The second half of the movie is quite different from the play, and the Salieri role is smaller in the movie.

Of course there is a lot of fiction in both tellings - but they make terrific entertainment, and the music is divine.


Eggnog said...

The cats look really good! Especially Lina, she looks so warm and content.

I thought you might like this:

Leah said...

looking forward to seeing the kitties develop.

and oh, i love that lion face!! have you ever read "Lafcadio" by Shel Silverstein?

L'Adelaide said...

I cannot wait for that lion like face to develop and see if he turns out to be one...I cannot make out the cats well enough (on my screen) to offer much of any opinion at this point but am looking forward to seeing it develop!

"Green" was my favorite too ... in RL, the shutters :)


To Mr. Steve Emery

I have just read some of your posts. I like the creativity you in your artistic work. I would like to revisit your posts.

If you love seeing paintings and reading short stories, then a short visit to my blogs would be a good idea.

Naval Langa

Steve Emery said...

Eggnog - Thanks for the word diagram! That was fun to see. Mine looks all art technical right now, though. I wonder how it would have looked several months ago...

Leah - I had not read Lafcadio, But I did a little homework. I need to look for it to see more of the story and his illustrations.

Linda - I hope you liked today's post, then.

Mr. Naval Lunga - I will come check out your site.

Leah said...

it's a very funny book, in my humble opinion. definitely worth checking out from the library, especially if you like shel silverstein's work. :-)