Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall in our Yard

The jack-o-lanterns linger after the holiday - the only thing we like to see afterward. Youngest son and daughter draw their jack-o-lantern faces on paper, quite small, and I have the pleasure of making them larger on the pumpkins they picked, and then carving them with a kitchen knife. This face was youngest son's design, faithfully reproduced. Daughter did the grotesque part of the job, this year, before I got home from work on Halloween (cutting open and scooping the pulp and seeds).

Daughter's design is always something unexpected. This year it was an umbrella. It was challenging to carve. And oldest does his own design and carving. This year it sported the most enormous sparkling smile.

Gotta post this thing before it gets too late. AEDM has been getting all the posting and I have a backlog of other stuff I've written!


Anonymous said...

Um, where are photos of those other pumpkins? Hmm? Really need to see the umbrella. YS's is great! The spooky kind we prefer.

Steve Emery said...

Karen A - the OTHER parent took the picture that had ALL of the pumpkins... I have to go look for it...