Friday, November 21, 2008

AEDM 21 - Self Portrait

After about an hour and half of looking at the previous days' work and still seeing nothing but a background, I decided to just use it as such. So this is what I decided to do on top of the last few days. I'd been thinking of this image, and then I placed it and jumped in.

This is one case where the photo looks better than the original. I can't relax doing figures yet - so I will be painting over this with acrylics, treating this as under painting, so I can try to get the more relaxed painterly look I want. This was a lot of moving the shapes around until I had the feeling I wanted. Now that I know what I want where, hopefully I can relax and paint the acrylics without fuss.

I notice I exaggerated the length of my face, and the length and asymmetry of my nose - both things I notice more than other people, I suspect. That's how art is more "truthful" than photography. This is how I see me - something no one else normally can see.

It's late and I'm not sure I'm making sense... This is my contribution for AEDM 21.


Melissa said...

Personally, I like what you've done. I like imperfection and a touch of whimsy. Your color choices are still amazing!!!!

~Snow Flurry Magick~

Anonymous said...

It's great! It's definitely not the image I had in mind. It's much more interesting.

linda said...

this is the first big smile I've had all day(week?) and it came at a most unexpected (and inappropriate) time, I might add! Deep conversation while looking at laptop is not a good idea(note to self).

I think this piece is really an amazing work, whether it looks like "you" or not...I see alot in it from the emotional side ~ the painting is speaking...I understand getting a more painterly look and perhaps that will make it even "better"... I would approach with caution! ;)

smiles, linda

Summer Kinard said...

This is what you look like in prayer, right before a mischievous angel tweaks your nose.

louisa said...

I also think this piece is quite good! Love the colours and the use of an unusual angle - it's wonderful! Perhaps if you set it aside for a few days you will be able to see it in a new way. :0) ... But really. it looks great just as is... shows the artist's hand at work.

Steve Emery said...

Melissa - Thanks! My color choices are actually pretty simple, and fairly natural for me - it doesn't seem like any effort.

DCup - Thanks! I still wonder what you did see in there...

Linda - Thanks! I've actually finished it, see later post - and I didn't mess with it much. I know that sometimes I need to walk away and come back and things look surprisingly good. Often I'm just picky at the end of a long painting session. And much of the loose approach I took with this is influenced by you and your words to me.

Summer - I have plenty of nose to tweak, and I believe angels like to do it. I generally like it, after the initial shock. A little angelic attention is a good thing, even if it hurts a little.

And it's interesting that you saw me that way in this piece... the light was pouring down all around me, and my attitude in that space was indeed like prayer.

Louisa - Thanks - I did indeed let it be and came back with a fresh view. I fixed a few things and otherwise have left it. Onward!

Carol Cooper said...

Hi Steve, I like how "you see you"! You have inspired me to "try" a self-portrait! Thanks kindly :o)

Steve Emery said...

Carol - I'll be watching for that.

Leah said...

i think it looks fabulous.

and yes, i know what you mean about how art can point out where our focus is and how we see ourselves.

Steve Emery said...

Leah - Thanks!