Saturday, November 29, 2008

AEDM 29 - Not a Lot

Not a lot to post from yesterday's work... I completed a quick CD cover for a present, using a painting that did not gel. It's nice to convert these into something worthwhile.

And the watercolor whatever (still in limbo) got another 20 minutes of work.

And that's as long as we were home Friday - and all I have for AEDM 29. So hopefully I'll get more done on Saturday, which is supposed to be rainy. All tired out from the holiday gathering (it takes a lot out of us), but I'll get to bed early and hopefully be mostly back to normal energy tomorrow (Saturday - today - whatever).

Vicki, at Faint Heart Art, has awarded me the PROXIMITY award - which is a lovely thing for her to do. I can't pass it on, because I have so much going on these days (Grenouille hasn't even gotten to write much lately!), but it was a gift to receive it, and I am grateful. I'll let your read about the award's meaning at Vicki's blog.


Distributorcap said...

love the cats on the CD cover. sad thing is that album art is going to be a disappearing talent - as music moves rapidly to online mp3 only

L'Adelaide said...

love the covers too...

your painting is neat...I see the top part of a dragon's head, his two purple magenta eyes! :) he looks like a woeful dragon right now to me...maybe because you are so tired from the well.


Steve Emery said...

DCap - I know what you mean about album art - and I think it's sad. First it shrank from LPs to CDs, and now it will drop to an image large enough to display on the iPod screen while the music plays (maybe).

Linda - I see the dragon! I have no idea if that's what will happen next, but I can definitely see him. He's cropped a lot differently than I would normally crop anything... Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Cool cats! As I admire the flowing colours of your painting, I see many ladies in a circle with their arms up in the air. Oh my, my imagination is going wonky now.

Grenouille said...

Carol - I see the ladies! That's the part of the painting that makes me think of a Bird of Paradise flower (and it looks more like that and less like ladies in the original). I have no idea where this painting will end up. See Linda's comment (and my reply) above. I think, though, I still have more random painting to go before I settle for a direction. We'll see.