Tuesday, November 4, 2008

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille <<<<

Etienne is watching election results over his laptop in a hotel room tonight. Voila, a 2004 map in one pane, and the CNN 2008 map in another. He is glad to see Ohio predicted to go for Obama. That may be enough, with Iowa and New Mexico perhaps returning blue, as well. He is dismayed to see the margin for Obama in his own North Carolina narrow over the evening. He wishes his southern state to be wise, and to elect Obama, who happens to be Africain-Americain. He is in another southern state this night, one he is not surprised to see vote for McCain. He would like to think better of his beloved NC.


Karen A said...

Good thing you have no teeth, Grenouille. It's been a nail-biter in NC!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Hello, Dear de Grenouille! Do you perhaps know a certain Monsieur Virgil Tangelo? He bears a striking resemblance to Steve.

Grenouille said...

Madame A - But no no, grenouilles have teeth (we admit, only two). What we lack are nails. So either way, I suppose. And results still appear inconclusive in NC, with the numbers changing every hour or so on CNN's boards, with never much more than a 20000 vote lead for either candidate.

Pagan Sphinx - Oui, I do know M. Virgil - he inhabits something like the same space that I do.

Au revoir,